He snapped his fingers.


They are going to launch an artificial satellite tomorrow.

The baby is still screaming.

I heard a faint sound nearby.

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I bought this watch at the store.


They're inquisitive.

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We are practically family.

Ravindran is our next-door neighbor.

He seized the child's hand.


Had I but known what she intended, I might have forestalled this debacle.

Jakob seems like an easy-going guy.

I don't want to eat with you.

Mars has a very thin atmosphere.

Mr Hirose teaches the students English grammar.

His revenue doubled after retirement.

I was startled by how handsome he was.

Dylan told me that he saw someone kissing Les.

He would have no part of it.


She ended things between us.

Rand isn't easily amused.

When written as a numerical date, March 14, 2015 is 3/14/15, corresponding to the first five digits of pi (3.1415) - a once-in-a-century coincidence!

Wilmer wants to study medicine.

I don't like what's going on.

Milo has lived in Boston for more than a year.

I don't have a guilty conscience.

Lex knew he had done something wrong.

"Do you know what day it is today?" "What are you talking about?" "It's our wedding anniversary!"


That's apparently not a crime.

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration.

I could tell Leo was in a great deal of pain.

It's evidently a bad example.

You're always complaining about something.

I need to talk to both of you.

I am starting this evening.

Cantonese is the prestige dialect of the Yue group.

I have a great idea.

For a moment, Vice was too stunned to move.

I never go shopping on Saturdays.

It's nice meeting you.

Just saying you don't like fish because of the bones is not really a good reason for not liking fish.

I'm still kind of tired.

Children belong with their parents.

Then they played "ring-a-ring-a-rosy" until they were worn out.

Who let you in here?


I read the book last night.

Ondoy and his companion go downtown.

I want to beat Earle.

We organized a farewell party for her.

What colour is it?

Don't sit too close to the TV.

Do you know how long it'll take?

I'm fine.

This is the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.

How long does it take to get to Boston?

Mick called me the other day.


Nobody will be in the house.


I went to Nagasaki.

We are trying a completely new method.

Pete opened the picnic basket and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich.


She gives varied impressions on different occasions.

He could not help jumping for joy at the good news.

I have a pair of shoes.

I got a little revenge on him.

It's dangerous to walk on railway lines.


"How much is this camera worth?" "About 100 dollars."


Roger has been with Susumu all day.

Would you give me a discount?

I arrived just when Kimberly was leaving.

Aha! So that's what's going on!

Are you the sheriff?

"Would you get me a cup of coffee?" "With pleasure, my dear."

I've told Mac exactly what I've told you.

Renu can't believe Leo is really planning to go.

This company is a victim of its own success.

I got home, took my shoes off and went to bed.

What did you get from them?


They killed Bryce.


Bruno needs money.

My gas bill for last month was very high.

We're all adults here.


The bullet penetrated his muscular chest.


Never feed dog food to your cat.

Maureen is busy plucking the feathers from the chicken.

Daniel is a florist.

Are you bringing anyone?

Take care of them.

No matter what Ning wears, he always looks great.

It interferes with our industrial development.


Everyone can see it now.

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I'm making a movie.


Hilda likes most of his teachers.

There is no time to lose.

Is there anything you want to eat?

Mechael watered the flowers.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

We've been over it three times.

Should we get going?

The whole building was deserted.

This is Bonnie's man cave.

Roderick is coming back.

The police fished a dead body out of the river this morning.

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Get out of my house.

Do you like spruce beer?

We've done everything we can for Pedro.


As for the child, he is eating meat.


My patience is coming to an end.


Klaudia can't be left alone.


My mother went shopping, didn't she?


We'll need to amend the contract so that we can pay you more.


I'll check it for you.

Pierette's birthday is the same as Jennie's.

Micky still believes in trickle-down economics.

Sue doesn't know why I'm scared.

I'm certain of your success.

The marshmallow caught on fire.

Pull over and show me your driver's license.

When I was small and I broke my leg, I suffered a lot.

The third quarter GNP growth was 1% over the preceding quarter.

An innocent biker was shot by an arrogant soldier on that street.

It's not anybody elses' business.

We've been friends for over thirty years.

I'm looking for my contact lens.

When did you go to Boston with Spyros?

Renu isn't very tall, is he?

You know you can't do that.

Kaiser will go to Germany next week.

I can stop smoking anytime I want.

Judy was two weeks past her due date, so the doctor induced labour.

Bud was probably the shortest person in the room.

Do you have to make a speech?

Let's see who can hold out the longest.

Can you pick out a few good books to read?


Naoto is waiting for Frederic to return.


That transcription is wrong.

Lou isn't to be trusted.

I saw that you were still sleeping when I went off to work.

Hey, I thought you were leaving.

I cannot force you to do what I say.

The train belched clouds of black smoke into the air as it chugged away.

Tomas arrived at just the right moment.

I know Cory was a friend of yours.

We were trying to help Julius.

He is a good fellow at heart.

I just got back from Europe.


We'll be waiting for Clare.

I belong to the rugby football club.

Don't use a language other than Esperanto!

Ben was appointed manager.

Where's the men's room?

Tell me about some of the places you've visited.

He also learns Chinese.


We met on a blind date.

So who did he tell the new story to?

Shouldn't you take a break?

I know where you are.

We usually win.

I told them I made a mistake.

A shot rang out.


Many citizens joined the army.

I have never seen her help her father.

This is probably a real diamond.

Edgar would've been impressed.

I don't have a lover.

I read the entire book.

Thanks for volunteering.

Kerry is taking charge.

Hey, look what I'm doing.